The End of an Era

Hey there everyone! When we started up Dystopia Rising: Kentucky 4 years ago, I couldn't have dreamed of all the stories that we would tell together. But all good stories eventually come to an end, and here we are. For personal reasons, mostly having to do with my health, I'm no longer able to run Dystopia Rising: Kentucky. We'll still have our last few games on the calendar, so December will be our final event.

It's been my pleasure to game with each and every one of you. From blowing up the Holler to being kidnapped by Pures and hunting for the narwhal in the lake, we've told some great stories and made some even better friends. Even though our stories here in Kaintuck might be coming to an end, I know that we have more stories to tell as we travel our world. I couldn't have chosen a better group of people to make these stories with, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

I do want to make it clear that this decision comes from consideration for my personal health, and not because of any other reason. I'll still be playing DR, and still be around - just not in the same capacity as an owner. This has been a decision that I've been wrestling with for many months, since before we even had the new rules to consider.

We are finishing up the games on our calendar, so we have 3 events left to tell our stories in FOB: Delta. My goal in those 3 months is to help finish up stories locally and to help launch new stories as our characters go to neighboring settlements.

It's been a pretty awesome 4 years, and I'll admit: it's gonna be pretty weird to not wake up in the morning and be working on game things. It's been my honor to have been the director and owner of this chapter. Moving forward, it'll be my pleasure to keep telling stories with you all, as plain old Mika, a Dystopia Rising player.



Updates on National Events and Local Stories

Hey there everybody! I want to take some time today to talk about some backend updates going on with our network. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, so bear with me!

DR started years ago as a bunch of friends in a single city. Over time, it grew, and National Events like Deathcon, Downfall, and Uprise became a place where players from the several games around the country could come together and tell big stories. Now, in 2019, we’re at something like 20 branches, each trying to run events monthly…but there’s still only 4 or 5 weekends in a month. The big National Events directly compete with local branches running their individual games, making scheduling that much harder. Not to mention, stories sometimes get lost at the big events because of the sheer number of players and gaming cultures coming together in one spot. Just in the last 5 years, I’ve seen DR change massively along with the bigger world we live in. As the branch owners, we’ve chatted and debated and voted, and we’ve come up with some changes that should allow us to focus more fully on telling stories that make sense to our players, instead of trying to shoehorn ourselves into a National Event plot happening across the nation.

As an immediate update: Downfall 2019 will be cancelled. For more information from the National Event team, please check for updates at

If you’ve already registered for Downfall 2019, you have a few options. There is a non-attending story already set up, so you can opt to still participate in that and get the Downfall build. Option B would be to get a full refund. Option C is that your Downfall balance be transferred to your local branch to go towards your home games. The details on how to select your preferred option are in the link above.

OK, so that was big. Let’s talk about what’s coming.

Big games are fun. Big games let us tell stories that are otherwise difficult to tell in regular games, and bring people together from all around. Instead of the huge events where no one is quite at home, we’re gonna start having Premier Events at our local chapters that tie in with our own local plot. It’ll have some Big DR Plot that will help to drive the overall story forward, and a whole lot of our own Kaintuck plots so we can tell our own tale. For these Premiere Events, you’ll be able to buy an additional 5 build for $50, and depending on the logistics of it we might have it start Thursday night instead of Friday – details TBD on that one for us! As long as the behind-the-scenes things work out, *each branch* will be able to host a Premier Event once a year.

Psst…look for news of our 2019 Premiere Event. It’ll be our December 6-8 game, for sure. More details will come as we hammer them out!

Something else that we debated was the geography of plots. While there’s still some big Network-wide stuff going on, we wanted to focus our efforts on telling stories with the chapters closest to us. Specifically, we’re gonna work on telling stories in the Midwest/Great Lakes region – so Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and us. For our players from down south: as much as you want to be, you’re still a part of the FOB: Delta story. You are still completely welcome at our game. Hopefully, by working on a regional basis, we’ll be able to reduce the amount of game overlap and be able to tell our stories more cohesively.

Last big thing? In the near future (exact date will be announced later), you’ll be able to purchase an Advanced Membership directly through your local branch, as well as DR merch. You won’t have to worry about remembering exactly where you need to go to buy a certain thing – we’ll be your one stop shop.

I know I’ve put a lot of information out here for you all at once. It’s a big change in my life too, but overall I think it’s gonna be for the better. We’re gonna keep telling our stories, keep hunting zed and mammoths in the woods, and most importantly, keep being the Kaintuck family that we’ve built over the last 3 years.