Forward Operating Base Delta, or known as FOB Delta or simply “The Delta”, is a Fallow Hope settlement in the Northern Region of Kaintuck and works as a forward outpost to the Knox, and the Great PX.  Here resides 1st, 3rd, and 10th Battalion Fallow Hope Heavy assault as well as a full garrison of Knox Elite.

While the outskirts and part of the city is owned by the Military, they have recently reopened to everyone during the Consortium War to give solace and protection to the downtrodden.  While the Base itself contains soldiers there are also city streets, homes, a store, and even and more that gives a semblance of the peace and prosperity from days long gone.

Places of Note


The CQBar is a hole in the wall where many of the rank and file soldiers get a drink to give toast with the Fallen. The proprietor of the place comes in a few times per trade to check on the locals or pour a shot of bourbon when one of a patrol no longer comes back.

Hope Bazaar

Hope Bazaar is open for a few hours every Saturday where you can come buy and swap gear as well as rent out tables to sell as well. Usually paid guards watch the entrance to keep everyone safe as well as honest.

St Ire Forward Hospital

A few people survived the shelling of the Original St Ire in the Knox and came out here to start fresh. With the help of the local Minister General, a hospital has been created in the center of the compound where they can work on pushing the latest ideas of medicine into a functional program.

The Centre

The Centre is a massive hanger where locals and lift weights, train, listen to music, and more. A great place to rest in the apocalypse for a bit of R&R

The House of No

The Local Graverobbers open their house and their Library to the population of The Delta to help bridge the gap of understanding many have on how Graverobbers work. If you’re seeking certain kinds of knowledge or help it is likely available, but will come with a price.