Community Standards

At Dystopia Rising: Kentucky, we aim to foster an environment where we can come together and enjoy ourselves while exploring this wasteland we call home. As such, all participants at an event are expected to abide by our community standards. 


To be a member of Dystopia Rising, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Any individual that is at least 18 years of age.

  • Any child that is between the ages of 14-18 that has a signed parental waiver.

  • Any individual that does not have a history of criminal conviction relating to Homicide, Sex Crimes, or Hate Crimes.

  • Any individual that agrees to abide by the Terms of Service provided.

As a member of Dystopia Rising, you are welcome to any branch event of Dystopia Rising. You'll be assigned a Player Number to keep track of your characters, and your records will be maintained in the database for ease of travel between games.

Safe(r) Space

As a member, you also agree to join in creating Safe(r) Space for the players. Safe(r) Space means that we actively work to welcome all to our game. We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment of any kind, including discrimination or harassment based on sex, gender, religion, race, body size, physical ability/restrictions, or any other -ism. 

If you witness harassment during an event, please do something! If you are comfortable, you can approach the person calmly, preferable away from people to avoid embarrassment, and let them know that what they did was not cool. In most cases, the intent is not malicious and comes from a lack of understanding. If you're not comfortable talking to the other player, or the situation appears dangerous, please contact a staff member immediately. 


In Dystopia Rising, we recognize that our players come from all walks of life, and that we can't know someone else's history unless we ask them first. Therefore, we practice a culture of enthusiastic consent. Consent is defined by the presence of a "Yes!", not the absence of a "no." 

There's a few layers of respect involved in our working definition of consent

  • Respect for yourself
    • Understand your own needs and feelings. If you are uncomfortable with a scene and need to take a break, simply place your hand on your head and step out. No one will react negatively IC or OOC for you taking care of yourself. 
    • If something doesn't feel right, please speak up. Chances are, you're not the only person feeling that way.
  • Respect for others
    • Always ask for explicit verbal permission from someone before physically touching them. Never assume consent, even if it has been granted in the past.
    • Do not assume race/gender/history/etc of anyone. If you don't know, ask. Don't be offended if someone wishes to keep their information private or asks for space.
    • In Dystopia Rising, everyone has the right to be addressed as the gender they prefer. If possible, please ask someone their preferred pronouns, or use neutral pronouns such as "they" or "zie." If corrected, please make the effort to change your speech. It costs nothing to change a word, but means everything to be accepted.
    • Respect each other's choices. We all have different ability levels, and what may be right for one person may not be right for the next. Unless you are witnessing someone being injured (mentally or physically), it is not your place to judge.
  • Respect for the community
    • We all have something to offer, so respect your neighbors' different life experiences, viewpoints, and ideas. 
    • Assume positive intent. Vary rarely will someone act of out malice. Most negative actions come from a lack of understanding, not intent to wound.
    • Take responsibility for your own actions, and act to make a better community for everyone involved.

Laws and intoxicants

We follow the law in Dystopia Rising. If a member is found to be breaking the law while at a Dystopia Rising event, they will be turned over to the appropriate authorities, as well as appropriate corrective actions being applied to their membership.

Dystopia Rising is strictly drug and alcohol free. In a world where combat may break out at any time, being under the influence of any intoxicants is a risk to not only your safety, but the safety of those around you. If a medical condition makes it necessary for you to take medicine that could impair your judgement, please reach out to so that we can discuss if this game is the right fit for you at this time.


We are all human, and as such, emotions can be expected to bleed over from the real world into game, or vice versa. As the Dystopia Rising community, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our neighbors to recognize this and to mitigate its effects. In character problems should remain in character, and real world problems should stay in the real world. If this line is becoming blurred, please take some time to ground yourself before the drama from one world enters the other. It may be simple as taking a few minutes to go out of game to remind yourself that you can like the player but despise the character, or you may need to take a weekend or more away from the game. Either way, we'll be here when you're ready.

Corrective Actions

In the event that a player should break the community standards or the rules or the game, a corrective action may be issued. This could include a warning, forfeiting experience points, losing combat privileges, all the way up to being banned from the network.  

Official Dystopia Rising Community Standards

For the full community standards, please click here to visit the network's official website.