Getting started in Dystopia Rising is pretty easy! In just a few simple steps, you'll be running for your life from the zombies too!

Step One: Make a character

Take a look through the Survivor's Guide. Our community standards start on page 21, to give you an idea of how we operate as a community. The Strain of Post-Humanity start on page 63. A Strain is a group of people that have evolved together with some common adaptations and customs. This gives you an idea of the base characteristics of your persona.

After you've chosen a Strain, head over to page 106 to choose your character's Profession. This is the is the simple answer to "what does my character do?" You'll choose one Profession to start (two if you play a Remnant!), but you'll have the chance to learn more Professions later in play.

Now that you say who your character is and what they do, you get to choose what skills they have. You have 13 points to spend at character creation, and all points must be spent before coming into game. There's three places that you can choose skills from - your Profession list, your Strain list, or the Open list. In addition, you can add Body or Mind at the cost of 1 build for 1 point each.

Step Two: Make a background

Now that you know who your character is, take a bit of time to think about where they came from and how they got to Sanctuary. This is a great time to make character ties with other players - a post on Facebook or Home of LARP can start a conversation where you can find long lost cousins, old lovers, or your archnemesis. For an example, watch this video about the Yorker Brock!

Step Three: Make a costume and come on out!

They say that the clothes make the man, and your character's costume can tell volumes about who they are and what they do. For a quick and easy costume, find some old clothes in your closet or at a thrift store, and then take out all of your frustration on that poor fabric! Try ripping holes and then badly patching them up, fraying hems, and dragging them through mud and gravel for some nice stains. Want some other ideas? Check out this video!

If you have any combat skills, you'll want something to fight with. There's a video tutorial for basic weapons here, more detailed weapons here, and how to make packets for ranged attacks here. All boffer weapons brought into play are subject to be safety tested, including commercially bought weapons and weapons that have been inspected before. 

If this step seems daunting, don't worry too much. We have people in the community who are willing to help you in making your gear yourself with advice, and others that take commissions to make things for you! Our community is amazingly talented, so don't be afraid to talk to people!

Step Four: Do The Dumb

Think about any movie you've seen - there's always that Bad Decision that the main character makes that makes for a Good Story. Dystopia Rising is no different! You, as a player, may very well recognize that going out to rescue the stranded caravan on the road is a quick way to painful fight...but your character might be bound by an oath to help travelers make it to safety. Embrace those decisions, and jump into the story with both feet. You'll have more fun, our shared world will become more vibrant, and you'll have some great stories to share after the game and to remember.