Current Employment Opportunities

Experience Design Lead

The Experience Design Lead (EDL) is responsible for organizing the plots and stories into a coherent whole, as well as working to ensure that the modules are run during the event in a timely manner. The EDL reports directly to the chapter owner, and will work closely with the original directors of DR: Kentucky to ensure world continuity.

The EDL applicant should have experience in managing teams, both in person and virtually. Prior experience as a writer for DR: Kentucky is preferred, but not required. The EDL will need to be available for all DR: Kentucky events, as they will be a core member of the event staff team.

To apply, please send an email to outlining your qualifications for the position, any pertinent information, and a sample plot outline for both a single event’s worth of mods and an overarc storyline.

Module Writer

A writer for DR: Kentucky is responsible for creating modules each month for the purpose of progressing the chapter-wide story and player entertainment. The writers will report directly to the Experience Design Lead.

The writer applicant should be creative, proficient with the English language, familiar with the Dystopia Rising setting, and able to submit modules to the EDL on a monthly deadline. Templates will be provided to the writers in order to submit their mods.

To apply, please send an email to to express your interest, as well as a sample module for an event. The module will not be used without compensation, this is simply to evaluate your writing style and area of interest.