New to Dystopia Rising? Start here!

Welcome to the game of Dystopia Rising! We're very glad that you're going to join us in our corner of the apocalypse. While the most important thing is to have fun, there's a few things to be aware of to make your weekend even better.

A good place to start is with the rule book. In it, you can see both the mechanical rules on how to play the game, as well as a good idea of our game setting and world. Download it here!

1. Every character has a story! Take a few minutes to consider where your characters comes from, and how they came to be at this point in their life. Together, we make a living world, and your backstory gives your character the depth and substance to really make your character pop! For an example of how to make a backstory, check out the Yorker Brock.

2. Are you coming into game able to fight? Great! You'll want to have something to fight with. We have guides for basic weapons, more detailed weapons, and making packets for ranged attacks and effects. Our community is also very helpful! We have many people who make weapons and gear on commission, and many people who will give you tips on how to make your own. All weapons brought into game will be subject to a safety check.

3.Nothing will help you get into character more than slipping on their costume. Your costume should be comfortable, durable, and fit in with the genre of the game. Also, anything that comes into game is liable to be damaged, lost, or covered in zombie goo. As a result, it's not a good idea to bring anything that you're too attached to. Want some tips on distressing your costume to give it that good apocalypse vibe? Check it out!

4. Our site has heated and unheated cabins, and space for tents. Weather in Kentucky can range from horribly hot to freezing cold, with beautiful skies one day and driving rain the next. All bunks are first come, first serve. Please come prepared for a weekend in the woods.

5. Dystopia Rising is a 24-hour full immersion LARP. You will fight in character, laugh and cry in character, eat in character, and sleep in character. On that note - please make sure that you bring enough food to keep you going through the weekend. Running and fighting through the hills of Kaintuck will burn a lot more energy than you would expect, so please keep yourself fueled up and ready to go. The water at our campground is perfectly drinkable, so make sure to bring a good bottle to carry water with you...and remember to drink from it!