Coming to a Dystopia Rising event is a lot of fun, and in Kentucky we have a wonderful campsite that we use. Here's a list of things that you'll want to bring to game, as well as some things that you might want to leave at home.

As a note, assume that everything you bring could wind up covered in mud, fake blood, or zombie goo. If there's something that you'd be devastated if it were damaged, it's best to leave it at home.




  • Your character's clothing - in all its tattered, grimy, apocalyptic glory
  • Clothes to wear home at the end of the weekend
  • NPC clothing - during your NPC shift, you'll need to report to Ops in all black, nondescript clothing, or as close as you can get. We have other costuming to put over this layer, so make sure that it doesn't bring attention to itself. Zombies don't wear jeans and a band t-shirt!
  • Plenty of socks, underclothes, and layers - weather can be unpredictable in the hills of Kentucky, so layers that you can take on and off are a must to keep yourself comfortable in changing weather. Also, be sure to bring plenty of socks and underclothes to change out the layer closest to your skin. Most DR veterans will suggest changing this layer at least 4-5 times over the course of the weekend.

Toiletries and Bedding

  • Bedding to sleep on. We have over 100 beds on site, ranging from mattresses in climate-controlled lodges to primitive cabins. Bunks are first come, first served, so you'll want to bring bedding appropriate for the weather. If possible, this should be genre - Putting a genre'd blanket over a modern sleeping bag is a great way to stay warm and dry while still staying apocalyptic!
  • We have multiple showers on site. Bring your towels, soaps, shower shoes and other items to use them!
  • If you take medicine, be sure to bring that with you...and remember to take it! It's also a good idea to bring over the counter medicine you might take, like painkillers or allergy medicine.


  • Make arrangements for eating for the weekend! At most games, we offer a meal plan, or you can work to feed yourself either alone or with friends. Either way, make sure you have food and that you eat it!
  • Snacks are a good idea too. You'll probably be more active at game than you usually are, so snacks will help keep you going.
  • Food you bring should be somewhat healthy (one can not live on chips alone!), and genre. Keeping food genre is actually pretty easy! You'll want to take food out of wrappers and remove labels. For example, take trail mix out of a plastic bag and put it over into a jar, or take the label off a can of soup.
  • Remember to bring things to eat food with - you'll need (at least) a plate, fork, and cup. We do have kitchens on site that you can use to wash your dishes, as well as prepare food for yourself.


Dystopia Rising is an immersive LARP experience, so props can really make the difference between pretending to fight zombies in the woods versus fighting for your life. Naturally, what props you use will vary depending on what your character does. If you fight, you'll want to have a boffer-safe weapon. Crafters can often benefit from having a project to work on, instead of just banging on a bench for a while. Faith based RP almost always benefits from relics and sacramental tools, and bloody bandages are great for healers. Our community is great at brainstorming new ideas - if you're not sure how to make a prop, there's probably someone there who can help you figure it out!


Things to leave at home

Some things just don't belong in the world of Dystopia Rising, including

  • Expensive and sentimental items. As a rule of thumb, if you would be devastated if the item wound up at the bottom of the lake, don't bring it!
  • Technology. Computers and mp3 players don't exist in the apocalypse. They don't belong in play, and there's no secure areas in game to store them. Leave them in your car or back home.
  • Very fragile items. Combat can happen at any time, anywhere. Tables get knocked into, bags get stepped on, and things fall over. 
  • Drugs and alcohol. There's plenty of opportunity to role play intoxication in game, but real-life intoxicants are not allowed onto site. This is for everyone's safety and to comply to local laws.